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Dimensional code laser laser engraving machine back to the competitiveness


       Product traceability, product traceability of the two concepts, one is the manufacturer of product quality, product quality control, downstream agents or retailers Cuanhuo traceability, end-product quality problems traced back. Another traceability is the end-user through the mobile end of its product traceability, see the production date, production sites, manufacturers and other product quality and integrity of the information. The retrospective of the key technology is not just a database function, but also is irreversible two-dimensional code laser laser engraving technology.

     Through the laser laser engraving technology products on the two-dimensional code marking feature is non-contact processing, processing two-dimensional code can not be erased, can effectively play anti-Cuanhuo, anti-counterfeit products, laser laser engraving machine Technology is particularly suitable for the field of daily consumer goods, such as beer, food, medicine, milk powder and other industries.

And in some electronic fields, such as PCB board, camera module FR4 substrate on some very small area for two-dimensional code laser engraving. Usually can mark the size of the two-dimensional code are within the 5x5mm area, and the need to bar code gun can be clearly readable two-dimensional code, which requires that the two-dimensional code is not only clear, more need to enlarge the effect of non-explosive point. And to meet the technical requirements of the laser technology is only, and at least requires an adjustable pulse width of the infrared laser laser carving machine, or a small spot of cold light source UV laser engraving machine, high-end applications such as medical electronics The industry may need to use picosecond laser laser engraving machine, of course, this price is more expensive, so in the field of consumer electronics in the mass production process, the cost of integrated equipment into account factors such as adjustable pulse width IR laser Carving machine and UV laser laser engraving machine is the primary choice.

    So is not that laser laser engraving machine has completely replaced the old process of inkjet capabilities? The answer is no, from this point of view, laser laser engraving technology has not been able to replace the traditional inkjet method. On the one hand laser laser engraving machine of the high initial investment costs, which eliminated a large number of small customers, on the other hand, compared with the large-scale production, ordinary laser laser engraving machine with the speed of automation technology can not keep up with production requirements.

      Laser laser engraving machine, then the competitive advantage in where?

    Laser carving technology to enter the market early advantage lies in his precision processing methods, no supplies, environmental protection, maintenance-free, non-contact processing, will not hurt the substrate, through continuous improvement and modern industrial production needs, step by step occupation Inkjet or pneumatic coding market, and with the development of intelligent electronic equipment, laser laser carving machine's competitiveness has been further improved.

     Smart phones, smart computers, smart wear, smart home, behind each one of the devices are corresponding to his only identity, but to have the identity of each product on the certification on the development of smart devices, Need to be marked, due to the thin and intelligent production of products and labeling, the first way to be eliminated labeling, inkjet method in a small area of the clarity of the mark is not enough, bar code gun low rate. The laser laser engraving method does not exist on this issue, whether it is on the PCB laser laser carving two-dimensional code, or IC chip laser marking two-dimensional code, can clear scale, no explosion, bar code guns can be highly readable, To meet the needs of large-scale production.

     The future of intelligent products in our lives in an increasing proportion of each product corresponds to the back, need two-dimensional code laser laser engraving machine technology to mark the only logo, which is the laser laser carving technology competitiveness , Because technology represents competitiveness. The future of the field of smart electronics industry mark, laser laser engraving machine will be the absolute hegemony.