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Analysis of fiber laser cutting machine to become the mainstream of the future development trend


Abstract: Fiber laser cutting machine itself plays the role of resonant cavity is the world's advanced cutting technology. With its high-speed, high precision and high adaptability of the characteristics in the sheet metal processing industry has been increasingly widely used. China's locomotive models more products, faster conversion, the locomotive of the steel structure in about 20% to 30% of the special-shaped parts, especially the locomotive cab, body parts and other auxiliary equipment, more suitable for laser cutting. Laser cutting process control is easy to achieve automation, can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality, has now been partially replaced by stamping processing and mechanical processing technology. Have a relatively mature CNC laser cutting process, the company's new projects for the rapid production, the development of new models to provide adequate protection. Selection and Determination of Technological Parameters for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. Fiber laser cutting machine refers to the use of high-power laser beam focused material, in a very short period of time will be heated to thousands of materials to 10,000 degrees Celsius, to be irradiated material immediately melt, gasification, ablation or to light, While a high-speed air flow (i.e., auxiliary gas) coaxial with the beam is used to blow off the molten material from the slits, thereby realizing a thermal cutting method for the cutting material. For parts of the laser cutting process parameters generally need to be considered from the following aspects, combined with a number of companies a locomotive products: cab parts (3mmQ345E board), chassis parts (10mm16MnL board), bogie A part (3mm 0Cr18Ni9Ti board), a trunking part (3mm5A02-H24 board) for comparison description. Appropriate choice of appropriate laser power, laser cutting laser power is an important factor affecting the quality of cutting. The larger the laser power, the thicker the plate can be cut. In the same thickness, the cutting of stainless steel and aluminum and other non-ferrous metals than cutting carbon steel required laser power is much greater. However, with the increase of laser power, the slit width and heat affected zone will increase.

The main role is to blow off the cutting of the melt and slag to keep the cutting section clean and tidy; speed up the cutting process, deepen the cutting depth, the cutting depth of the laser cutting machine, Reducing the width of the kerf and the width of the heat affected zone; protecting the laser lens from damage by working spatter and cooling the lens. The use of different cooling gas, the cutting quality will have a different impact, so the choice of auxiliary gas cutting quality is to obtain high-quality one of the key parameters. Oxygen is generally used as the auxiliary gas in the cutting of carbon steel; nitrogen is used as the auxiliary gas in the cutting of stainless steel or aluminum plate. When the laser power and cutting speed is constant, the greater the oxygen pressure, the more intense the reaction, the greater the heat affected zone, the lower the cutting quality; otherwise the cutting quality is high. But the oxygen pressure is too low may be cut through the slit or slit adhesion of slag too much. The lower melting point of aluminum, 3mm the following can be cut with oxygen, but the quality is poor, rough section and burr hard. Nitrogen cutting section smooth, less than 4mm to obtain the effect of no burr. Aluminum sticky, coupled with good thermal conductivity, the melt may have not had time to blow away has been cooled, so prone to burrs. Fiber laser cutting machine by adjusting the focus, raise the air pressure, reduce the speed to reduce the roughness, at least to ensure that burrs can be easily removed. From the cost considerations, as long as the cut section of the oxidation does not affect the use of stainless steel parts, you should use oxygen cutting. However, stainless steel with high alloying elements such as the larger proportion of Ni, melt viscosity, poor mobility, oxygen cutting low pressure easily lead to sticky slag and other quality defects. Welded stainless steel oxide seriously affect the quality of welding, especially argon arc welding. The protection of nitrogen during nitrogen cutting can produce high-quality non-oxidizing cross-section, which meets the high requirements of stainless steel welding parts on the cutting cross-section, and nitrogen gas cutting high pressure is also easy to overcome the quality defects. Nitrogen cutting suitable for welding requirements or high value-added stainless steel parts. More details welcome to. Geng Jingli: 18802731250 fiber itself plays the role of the resonant cavity fiber laser cutting machine laser is doped fiber itself as the working material, and the fiber itself also plays the role of guided wave solid-state lasers. By the work of material, resonant cavity, pump the three basic components. In recent years, fiber lasers in addition to a wide range of industrial applications, and in the medical field in the growing popularity. In fiber lasers, the fiber itself acts as a resonant cavity. These devices typically comprise a single mode core doped with erbium, ytterbium (or a combination thereof) or a rare earth element. The energy from the solid light source, the fiber laser cutter is coupled into the cladding of the fiber, and then enters the core, pumping the dopant atoms. In the medical field, the most needed wavelengths are: 1.3μm band for imaging, 1.5μm (water absorption peak) -4μm band for surgery, the power range of a few milliwatts to 100W or more.
With the advent of the information age, many consumers choose online shopping in the process of online shopping will be habitual to see the store evaluation and word of mouth, and then multi-preferred purchase; consumers of friends and family recommended products will always vote more The trust and attention; others casual words may make consumers instantly change the purchase decision, which is the power of word of mouth, to achieve a brand, but also destroy a brand. Fiber laser cutting machine business in order to stand out in the market competition, to create high-quality word-of-mouth is essential to the strategy, and three-pronged approach, more with less effective results.
Diversified innovation Insiders said that innovation is the life of an enterprise. Only continue to bring customers the freshness of the enterprise to allow customers to see the sincerity and tenacious vitality of the enterprise. Fiber laser cutting machine industry, more and more intense competition, if the enterprise stagnation, not innovation, will soon be eliminated by brutal competition. In addition, innovation is not just optical fiber laser cutting machine product innovation, should also include the marketing channel innovation. Fiber laser cutting machine to ensure product quality "An enterprise, not just the pursuit of good-looking product appearance, but in the quality of products less effort, it can not attract repeat customers." Di can laser. Innovation and quality are inseparable. Without quality as the premise of innovation, like fragile bubbles, looks bright, but could not help but test. Only the combination of quality and innovation, can play the greatest effect of the product. Fiber laser cutting machine word of mouth marketing that companies in the brand building process, through the exchange of customers will be their own product information or brand spread.