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Storm strong 1000 watt laser perfect rust: instant smooth as new


Both the manufacture of cars and aircraft are required to use steel, and steel blanks are usually exposed for a long time to become rusty deposit, affecting the appearance and performance.

As a result, rust has become a headache.

Now, Belgium P-LASER company gives a simple program, the use of high-energy laser will burn out the rust, the efficiency is very high.

P-LASER latest model QF-1000 hand-held laser machine, the use of 1000 watts of power to the metal surface of the laser rust, paint, etc. debris burned, while the use of metal reflective properties of light to Ensure that the part itself is not damaged.

According to reports, when the rust will be instantly vaporized by high temperature, and the formation of plasma separation, due to the lower metal reflectance of light on the high, so the part has been rusted despite being laser irradiation will not be damaged, so this Laser rust way that is efficient and safe, and even parts of the surface letters, such as the angle of the corner of the bolt can be a perfect clean.